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Frank's Hints and Tips

Every week Frank continues his story. Read the latest instalment and vote which way you want the story to go.

Latest update: 08/09/2011

So how is your juggling going? Still practicing? I hope my tips have helped a bit. This is my last post as I've graduated! Can you believe it? I'm not sure I can. The final show feels like a bit of a blur now. I was pretty nervous beforehand but luckily I don't really shake when I get nervous. Shaky hands is probably one of the worst things for juggling. I managed to get all the tricks right but I forgot to do the Pancake Flips! I only realised when I had finished and the crowd was cheering. Nobody would have noticed, except for me, but I was kicking myself all the same. I wanted it to be perfect.

So my parents will be here to pick me up in half an hour. It's kind of sad actually. I'm going to miss Anand. He's become my best buddy! But we're going to keep in touch and hopefully he'll come and visit in a few weeks. We've got to keep up the practice. I'm going to be entering some juggling competitions. And look out for my name in the Guinness Book of Records! I'm sure I'm going to break a record really soon. See ya!