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Featured librarian: Caroline Adams

Hi all! My name's Caroline and I work in a big library in the North East of England. I love reading books, wearing hats, knitting, and baking delicious things. I share my house with a very fluffy (and grumpy) house rabbit called Barley, who likes to come and sit by the fridge in the hope that she'll get some carrots....

My job title is Senior Library Assistant, which means that I look after other staff, help to choose new books, go and read stories at nearby schools, perform for the little ones at Storytime, and put together the activities (and prizes!) for the Summer Reading Challenge. I also get to talk to lots of kids and help them to find new and interesting things to read - definitely the best bit of my job!

We've been having so much circus-themed fun this summer at the library - we've made fabric patchwork Elmers, crafted our own clown hats and noses, and sculpted clay elephants. A lot of children have been working their way through Circus Stars so far, and we've been picking a winner from our draw bag every week, who's won a fab goody bag full of books. We've even seen some real life circus stars from the animal world too - we had a visit from a whole host of cool creatures, including a millipede, a giant snail, a hissing cockroach and heaps more!

Of course, there have been loads of fab books and stories too - some of my favourites this year have been "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney which is hilarious, "The Flowing Queen" by Kai Meyer which has really creepy mermaids lurking in the water below Venice, and "Hammy the Wonder Hamster" by Poppy Harris, about a hamster who can speak rabbit, as well as read and write! I'm really looking forwards to the next Septimus Heap book ("Darke") coming out, and the follow up to "Matched" by Allie Condie (though that one's really aimed at teenagers).

I hope you've all been enjoying the hols and your reading - if you want to ask me anything then fire away! I will recommend new books, suggest authors you might like, or even tell you how cute my bunny is...


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Alexander, the Mind-blowing Twirler
Alexander, the Mind-blowing Twirler, Age: 6, Birmingham - 2626 days ago

"When does our last review have to be in by?"

Caroline Adams: That will depend on your library, the best way to find out is to just ask the librarians. Good luck, hope you finish on time!

Jennifer, the Death Defying Clown
Jennifer, the Death Defying Clown, Age: 10, Bournemouth - 2626 days ago

"i think i saw you at the libary today is you work in charminster liary"

Caroline Adams: Aww, sadly not I'm afraid, but it sounds like a lovely place!

Jessica, the Astonishing Poi Spinner
Jessica, the Astonishing Poi Spinner, Age: 7, england - 2626 days ago

"hey caroline this is the best summer reading chaleng everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

Caroline Adams: Hi there! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much - have you finished all 6 books? And will you back next time? :)

Hannah, the Misleading Chinese Yo-yoer
Hannah, the Misleading Chinese Yo-yoer, Age: 9, sunderland - 2626 days ago

"hi carol i love the library i love books my fave books is the hamster books like story xxx"

Caroline Adams: Hello!! Ooh hamster books, do you mean the Humphrey series by Betty G Birney? I love those, they're really sweet and aren't too long. Have you ever read the Magic Animals series by Sue Bentley? So far there's Magic Kitten, Magic Puppy, Magic Bunny and Magic Pony (and two special ones, Magic Puffin and Magic Reindeer!) Happy reading xx

Savannah, the Compelling Twirler
Savannah, the Compelling Twirler, Age: 10, basingstoke - 2627 days ago

"i love the return of the hundred acre wood i know it's babish but it's lots of fun"

Caroline Adams: Ooh I love Winnie the Pooh, I don't think they're babyish at all. As I always say, they're classics for a reason! Good choice miss, I wholeheartedly agree. Have you ever read the Paddington stories? They're also very good (not sure about the marmalade sandwiches though!)

Paisley, the Staggering Tumbler
Paisley, the Staggering Tumbler, Age: 10, norfolk - 2627 days ago

"Hey Caroline!
Can I call you Carol?

Caroline Adams: Hee hee, actually that's my mum's name - confusing I know! You can call me whatever you like though :)

Katherine, the Great Contortionist
Katherine, the Great Contortionist, Age: 10, england - 2627 days ago

"what kind of auther shall i try i lov scary blood books and horrors i have read harry potter"

Caroline Adams: Ooh that sounds like a challenge to me - and I love a challenge! Hmmm what can we try for you.... I'm guessing that you've already read the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine (some are seriously creepy). You might like Neil Gaiman, he writes some seriously spooky stuff - try Coraline, the book is better than the film. You should definitely also try Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror by Chris Priestly. Happy scaring!

Ashley, the Outlandish Contact Juggler
Ashley, the Outlandish Contact Juggler, Age: 9, lancashire - 2627 days ago

"i missed the activities ......... but it sounds like you've had loads of fun i also love reading and i do the summer reading challenge eeevery year:)"

Caroline Adams: Aww what a shame! Never mind, you can always join us next year for whatever our theme is. You sound very dedicated, I'm very impressed!

Hailey, the Astonishing Tumbler
Hailey, the Astonishing Tumbler, Age: 9, united kingdom - 2627 days ago

"reading the best wish circus stars was on forever!!:)"

Caroline Adams: I'm so glad you're enkoying yourself! You can always keep going to the library for more awesome things to read, and we should be back next summer with something equally exciting.

Ella, the Riveting Trampolinist
Ella, the Riveting Trampolinist, Age: 9, coventry - 2627 days ago

"wow this is the best summer reading"

Caroline Adams: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! How many books have you read so far?

Madison, the Ridiculous Trapeze Artist
Madison, the Ridiculous Trapeze Artist, Age: 8, Lewes - 2628 days ago

"the summer challenge is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: I quite agree, it's one of my favourite parts of the year! Glad that you've enjoyed it so much :)

Angel, the Dreadful Sword Swallower
Angel, the Dreadful Sword Swallower, Age: 8, Berkshire - 2628 days ago

"i love this"

Caroline Adams: Hooray! Glad you've been having such a good time - what's the best book you've read so far?

Kaitlyn, the Strong Poi Spinner
Kaitlyn, the Strong Poi Spinner, Age: 8, hull - 2629 days ago

"I have just finished the whole of my 6 books"

Caroline Adams: Oooh congratulations! Did you have a favourite? :)

Lauren, the Valiant Fire Twirler 
Lauren, the Valiant Fire Twirler , Age: 10, England - 2629 days ago

"I love the summer reading challenge, it certainly grows my imagination, i have so much fun playing with my prizes!!!"

Caroline Adams: Well I am really glad that you've been enjoying the challenge so much, what a lovely comment. Glad you're enjoying your prizes too - sounds like you've really earned them!

Sydney, the Capricious Hoopster
Sydney, the Capricious Hoopster, Age: 9, Staffordshire - 2629 days ago

"hiya i love reading and my aunty is a librarian.I have just finished reading withering tights and its great!!!I can't wait to read her cousins book.Whats your favourite author ever and you look really cool in that costume thing"

Caroline Adams: Ooh how exciting, I bet your aunty gives you loads of great ideas! I love Louside Rennison, she's very funny indeed. I believe the next book will have Tallulah and Georgia having madcap adventures together, can't wait.

I'm not sure, that's such a hard question - possibly Lois Lowry, who's an American author. I have never read a book of hers I haven't loved, she's amazing. Thanks for the compliment, I wish I had such exciting togs in real life!

Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather
Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather, Age: 5, Slough - 2629 days ago

"Yes maybe I will be next year in the summer reading challenge again."

Caroline Adams: Oh I do hope so - I wonder what the theme will be?

Aveline, the Wondrous Buffoon
Aveline, the Wondrous Buffoon, Age: 12, oldham - 2629 days ago

"hello caroline i have finnished my challenge now i am also making mi own profile"

Caroline Adams: Ooh congrats, and good luck with the profile building. I hope we see you here next year!

Taylor, the Plucky Fire Dancer
Taylor, the Plucky Fire Dancer, Age: 10, england - 2630 days ago

"i read my 6 books in 1 day it was so fun i just love reading especially jacquline wilson"

Caroline Adams: Wow, six books in a day? Good work, bet your eyes were exhausted by the end! If you're a Jacqueline Wilson fan you might like Jean Ure's "Girlfriends" series, have you tried them before?

Caleb, the Remarkable Spinner
Caleb, the Remarkable Spinner, Age: 13, Northop - 2630 days ago

"hi caroline :) didnt know there was a reading challenge on haha sill been reading : though do you like the books by sophie kinsella? the shopaholic ones are reallllllly good just reserved a load at my library haha :)"

Caroline Adams: Hello, you sound like a really keen reader! I haven't read that series but they're very popular at my library. After you've read them you might like to try Sarra Manning's "Diary of a Crush" series - LOVE Sarra Manning - or the Georgia Nicholson series which are totally hilarious. Happy reading!

Megan, the Fabulous Magician
Megan, the Fabulous Magician, Age: 10, luton - 2630 days ago

"very nice looking forward to reading darake and diary of the impy thing is great"

Caroline Adams: Yes, I'm extremely excited for "Darke" - I wonder what's in store for Septimus and Jenna this time?! In the meantime I'm about to start Ali Sparkes' "Unleashed" which is a sort of follow up to her Shapeshifter series, which I really loved.

Caleb, the Capricious Chair Balancer
Caleb, the Capricious Chair Balancer, Age: 9, Staffordshire - 2630 days ago

"Hi I finished my Reading challenge and the last smell stinks really bad.:)"

Caroline Adams: Euuurrrrgh yeah, I know what you mean! Well done on reaching the end, I hope you like your certificate.

Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather
Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather, Age: 5, Slough - 2630 days ago

"My name is shivom.The summer reading challenge is good and I am finished.I am new on this website it´s really cool.And I am 5 years old."

Caroline Adams: Wow, well I'm so glad you've enjoyed your first reading challenge! Well done on getting all the way to the end, you should be very proud. Will you be back next year?

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2630 days ago

"By the way the joke about the beach was also really nice."

Caroline Adams: Thank you, I am sure there are many more jokes out there for me to find, hahah.

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2630 days ago

"Here´s one more joke from Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob:What did the mayonaise say to the refrigerator?

Patrick:Please close the door.I´m dressing.

P.S I hope you like this joke."

Caroline Adams: Hee hee, dressing! Oh yes, thank you, that's an excellent one, I've never heard that one before. ;)

Mila, the Theatrical Artistic Cyclist
Mila, the Theatrical Artistic Cyclist, Age: 10, swindon - 2630 days ago

"hgi do you have advice on what to do on my last book shall i do what i have done the whole time??"

Caroline Adams: Do you mean what to do when you've finished it? If you bring in your finished poster with all 6 titles then you should get your medal and certificate, but if you aren't sure, just ask your lovely local library staff. Best of luck for finishing! x

Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master
Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master, Age: 10, Birmingham - 2631 days ago

"You have nice hair and i love kittens and bunnys. There just so cute. Caroline Adams.Nice name and you look beautiful today like have always been. Do you have any children. They will say nice things about you too. I hope.

Caroline Adams: Aww what kind things to say, thank you very much! I don't have any children of my own but maybe I will one day. At the moment I think a bunny is quite enough trouble - I had some cards on the fireplace and she moved them all around this week! I agree with you, kittens are wonderful too - have you got any pets?

Dylan, the Massive Fire Twirler 
Dylan, the Massive Fire Twirler , Age: 7, leek - 2631 days ago

"Hi Caroline. That is a familiar name, because my mother is called Caroline, too! Ha ha, what a coincidence... Also, I adore your hair, my sister has that hair too. Looks like we have a lot in common. My nanna is a senior library assistant at our local library. It is a brilliant job, I'm looking forward to my future. You are great. Love Dylan the Massive Fire Twirler.... ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: Please tell your mum that she has an excellent name! My hair really isn't quite so bright orange in real life (I call it strawberry blonde) but it would be cool to be really, really ginger. I like the sound of your nanna, does she give you tips for cool new things to read? Happy reading, and rock on indeed, my young sir. \m/

Maria, the Strong Clown
Maria, the Strong Clown, Age: 10, Tamowrth - 2631 days ago

"hi caroline i finished my reading challenge about 1 week ago"

Caroline Adams: Oh well done you, I hope you enjoyed it and you've picked up a lovely certificate (and maybe a medal too)!

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2631 days ago

"Here´s one more joke for you.I think you know this one.

What do you call a dog on a beach?

A hot dog."

Caroline Adams: Boom Boom! Awesome, thank you very much for that. On a related note, here's another one I like...
Why did the beach blush?
Because the sea weed!! (Hahaha)

Brooke, the Dramatic Human Cannonball
Brooke, the Dramatic Human Cannonball, Age: 10, northamptonshire - 2631 days ago

"hi caroline, i hav finished mi readin challeng abot 2-4 weeks ago"

Caroline Adams: Ooh how speedy of you, good work. Have you read anything else that you've enjoyed since then?

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2631 days ago

"the joke about the stick was really nice.thanks for that.I ALSO LOVE JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: Buahaha, glad you liked it! If you find any more jokes please send them my way, I'm always on the hunt for new ones.

Hailey, the Horrible Contact Juggler
Hailey, the Horrible Contact Juggler, Age: 10, Walsall - 2631 days ago

"hello,are you famous?"

Caroline Adams: No I'm not, well except for being on here now! ;)

Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master
Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master, Age: 10, Birmingham - 2631 days ago

"Are you a famous actist"

Caroline Adams: I'm definitely not famous at all! I think if I were to be famous I'd like it to be for making really excellent cakes, or for riding horses. How about you? What would you be famous for?

Emily, the Stunning Twirler
Emily, the Stunning Twirler, Age: 12, salford - 2631 days ago

"i love diary of the wimpy kid"

Caroline Adams: Ooh what great taste you have in books. Have you read them all? Which one's your favourite?

Matthew, the Astounding Trapeze Artist
Matthew, the Astounding Trapeze Artist, Age: 9, Southampton - 2631 days ago

"I love the reading book challenge, my favourite book is pokemon: explore with ash and dawn"

Caroline Adams: Oooh Pokémon is very cool, good choice. You might like the others in the DK Readers series, "Become a Pokémon Trainer" and "Legends of Sinnoh" - have you tried them already? :)

Megan, the Dare Devil Twirler
Megan, the Dare Devil Twirler, Age: 13, derby - 2631 days ago

"i am enjoying the reading challenge its great!!"

Caroline Adams: I'm so glad to hear it! Have you enjoyed using the website as well?

Rachel, the Spectacular Highwire Walker
Rachel, the Spectacular Highwire Walker, Age: 6, Maidenhead - 2631 days ago

"the last book i read was honer the happy day fairy"

Caroline Adams: Ooh yes, the Daisy Meadows books are very popular in my library too! I quite like Bella the Bunny Fairy. If you like Daisy Meadows books you might enjoy books by Sue Mongredien or Linda Chapman, especially the "Sophie and the Shadow Woods" series.

Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist
Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist, Age: 9, Dorset - 2631 days ago

"yes i am enjoying the reading i am on my 6th book!"

Caroline Adams: Congratulations! Keep up the good work, I hope you enjoy the certificate when you finish - you've definitely earned it.

Hailey, the Awesome Fire Eater
Hailey, the Awesome Fire Eater, Age: 8, Bidford - 2631 days ago

"this is my third or fourth reading challenge"

Caroline Adams: Oh that's super, you sound very dedicated. I think this is the fifth challenge I've worked with. Glad you're enjoying, I hope we see you next year too!

Austin, the Fierce Spinner
Austin, the Fierce Spinner, Age: 10, gloucester - 2631 days ago


Caroline Adams: Wow yourself - I think your name is very cool! Have you finished the challenge yet?

Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster
Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster, Age: 9, Tombridge Wells - 2631 days ago

"Year, I'm looking forward to the next Wimpy Kid!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: Woohoo! Me too. If you just can't wait, why not try the "Dear Dumb Diary" series by Jim Benton, or some Clarice Bean by the fabby Lauren Childs?

Mila, the Absorb Buffoon
Mila, the Absorb Buffoon, Age: 9, england - 2632 days ago

"ive finshed the reading challenge and it was cool if i get it next year"

Caroline Adams: Ooh another person who's finished, well done! Glad that you seem to have enjoyed it, did you have a favourite prize? I hope you do come back next year and enjoy it all over again.

Paisley, the Heart-stirring Trainer
Paisley, the Heart-stirring Trainer, Age: 10, england - 2632 days ago

"what dose your rabbit do all the time?"

Caroline Adams: Well the thing she does the best is look totally adorable (although she is also very good at being grumpy if she doesn't get her own way!) Sometimes she comes and sits with me while I watch TV and if I'm really lucky she will give me a little lick on my hand. Most of the time she just dozes near the sofa though!

Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster
Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster, Age: 9, Tombridge Wells - 2632 days ago

"Year, I love Diary of a Wimpy kid too, the perfect thing to read when your feeling down!!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: I definitely agree with you, the first one had me in fits of giggles. I actually read it before it was properly published - sometimes publishers send advance copies out to booksellers and librarians so we can read it and, if we like it, order it. The version I read wasn't like a normal book, it was spiral bound like a diary - way cool! Did you know that the next one in the series will be called Cabin Fever? It comes out in November... can't wait!

Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster
Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster, Age: 9, Tombridge Wells - 2632 days ago

"Great hat!!!!! Love it!!!!!!"

Caroline Adams: Haha thank you, I love hats but I don't own one quite as spiffy as that one! I do like that there's a bow tie in the picture though - as the Doctor says, bow ties are cool.

Aveline, the Startling Poi Spinner
Aveline, the Startling Poi Spinner, Age: 10, united kingdom - 2632 days ago

"ive finished the reading challenge and irealy enjoyed it i hope your doin it again next year"

Caroline Adams: Crikey there are loads of you who are finishing! Well done you, good effort to get this far :) I hope to be back again doing this next year, I'm very excited to know what the theme will be. Hope to see you next year too!

Hannah, the Impressive Balance Boarder
Hannah, the Impressive Balance Boarder, Age: 9, london - 2632 days ago

"im finshed circus stars thank you for your help caroline adams"

Caroline Adams: I'm not sure how much help I gave you, I think you did all the hard work by yourself! You're welcome though, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope we see you on here next summer.

September, the Surprising Ventriloquist
September, the Surprising Ventriloquist, Age: 10, London - 2632 days ago


Caroline Adams: Hello, yes I think I will add that to my "to-read" pile next! I've just read Lily Alone which was really great, I loved the part where Lily bought ice creams for the others.

Paisley, the Spellbinding Fire Dancer
Paisley, the Spellbinding Fire Dancer, Age: 8, saffron walden - 2632 days ago

"who is barnum or who ever"

Caroline Adams: Barnum is the Circus Stars dog! I didn't know dogs could type, he must exceptionally well trained. Perhaps he'd get on well with Lara, the dog from the "Spy Dog" series...

Katherine, the Razzle-dazzle Poi Spinner
Katherine, the Razzle-dazzle Poi Spinner, Age: 10, eastbourne - 2632 days ago

"were did you get the idea of circus stars from"

Caroline Adams: Well I didn't actually make it up myself, but I think it's a great idea! I love seeing what the theme will be every year, I really enjoyed the Space Hop last year (we had a Doctor Who party at the end of summer!!) and I really liked Questseekers the year before. I wonder what the theme will be next year...?

Olivia, the Eye-catching Puppet Master
Olivia, the Eye-catching Puppet Master, Age: 9, Manchester - 2632 days ago

"Which schools did you go to ? I mean to read."

Caroline Adams: I go to a few different primary schools, some more than others! I've been to schools all around Durham city, and I even read to kids at the Durham Book Festival a year or so ago! World Book Day is my favourite because I get to go to work in fancy dress and I get to read stories. Fab!

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2632 days ago

"Shall I tell you a joke.OK.

What is tarzan´s favourite christmas song.

Jungle bells.[ Jingle bells]."

Caroline Adams: Hahah, that's brilliant! I love jokes, thank you for that one. My favourite is REALLY TERRIBLE, which is why I love it so much. It goes like this...
What's brown and sticky?
A stick!! (See, it's so terrible that it becomes hilarious.)

Scarlett, the Miraculous Juggler
Scarlett, the Miraculous Juggler, Age: 10, minehead - 2632 days ago

"hi i have finished the reading challenge"

Caroline Adams: Hi there! Congratulations to you, and well done for getting all the way to the end. Did you have a favourite book this year?

Trinity, the Sensational Cloud Swinger
Trinity, the Sensational Cloud Swinger, Age: 11, alfreton - 2632 days ago

"'whitch one of michael morpurgo's books should i read.""

Caroline Adams: Ooh great question! If you want something short then try "Cool!" which is a bit sad, but does have a happy ending. If you're after something a bit longer then how about "Alone on a Wide Wide Sea" or "Private Peaceful"? If you like dogs then you could try "Born to Run" or "Shadow". And of course, the stunning "War Horse" - I read it when I was 11 and I have never forgotten it. Good luck, happy reading! xx

Taylor, the Impressive Balancer
Taylor, the Impressive Balancer, Age: 11, Swadlincote - 2632 days ago

"Hi caroline, 1 of my fave books is diary of a wimpy kid 2 and u always give everyone tips 4 books so heres 1 from me, if u like diary of a wimpy kid then u'll like dork diaries XxX"

Caroline Adams: Hello hello, thanks very much for the tip! We have a couple of the Dork Diaries books in my library, I will have to try them when I've finished my current reads. xx

Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster
Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster, Age: 9, wales - 2633 days ago

"Thankyou so much actually my dad brought me Lottie project so i am going to read that plus how cutes your rabbit."

Caroline Adams: Oh I'm so pleased! I hope that you enjoy it, it's one of my favourites. Happy reading! x

Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist
Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist, Age: 9, Dorset - 2633 days ago


Caroline Adams: Hello! I hope you've enjoyed the reading challenge so far.

Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster
Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster, Age: 9, wales - 2633 days ago

"what should my last book be about i like Jacqueline Wilson so.."

Caroline Adams: Well since you enjoy Jacqueline Wilson, did you know she has a new book coming out really soon? It's called "Sapphire Battersea" and it's a follow-up to Hetty Feather. It'll be after Circus Stars finishes though, so in the meantime how about "The Lottie Project" which also dips into the Victorian era? Or if you want something similar, how about Livi Michael's "The Whispering Road" about a brother and sister who run away together? If you fancy something a bit more modern, try anything by Cathy Cassidy - "Dizzy" is a good start. Enjoy!

Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster
Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster, Age: 9, wales - 2633 days ago

"hi your really pretty i like your hair."

Caroline Adams: Haha thank you, sadly my real hair isn't quite that orange!