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Featured librarian: Diane Lee

Hi my names Diane and I live in a place just outside Belfast called Glengormley but I work in Grove Library in Belfast. I have a 17yr old grumpy teenager and a 12 yr old who loves reading, she especially enjoyed Harry Potter, Rick Riordan the Percy Jackson series, Cathy Cassidy and is now into teenage fiction.

I hope you have all nearly or finished your reading challenge. In Grove Library over half of our children have completed it.

It has been a really busy summer in Grove, we have had the Grove Summer Scheme in with us listening to stories and making circus themed crafts as well as our Circus Stars storytime and crafts sessions. The children have made clowns, circus trains with animals, circus tents with acrobats, clown hats and I think their favourite cup cakes decorated like clowns with an ice cream cone for a hat and sweets for the rest of the face.

At the beginning of the summer we had the author Colin Bateman in for an evening with adults, did you know he now writes children’s books which you might like to try?

I like the book “Angel Cakes” by Cathy Cassidy as that is where I got the recipe for the cup cakes we decorated and it is delicious.

This summer I have completed a few challenges myself which many of you would think nothing of but I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to big dippers and heights. I went on Il Diablo ( a scary dipper although my daughter didn’t think so) in Port Aventura theme park in Salou when I was on holiday. At home I walked across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge on the north coast of Northern Ireland (it’s near the Giant’s Causeway) check it out on the web you’ll be impressed. I was with myself, although I nearly didn’t want to come back, but I had to as it’s the only way off the island.

Love to hear from.


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Jessica, the Astonishing Poi Spinner
Jessica, the Astonishing Poi Spinner, Age: 7, england - 2599 days ago

"I am 14 and have read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go circus stars"

Diane Lee: Great to be 14 and still enjoying and getting the time to read, as I'm sure you have lots of other things to do especially at school. Did you complete any other challenges this summer?

Hannah, the Misleading Chinese Yo-yoer
Hannah, the Misleading Chinese Yo-yoer, Age: 9, sunderland - 2599 days ago

"hi im a fan of books r u xxx ellie"

Diane Lee: Oh yes, I can think of nothing better than curling up with a good book beside the fire especially in the winter with the wind howling and snow falling outside.

Sydney, the Capricious Hoopster
Sydney, the Capricious Hoopster, Age: 9, Staffordshire - 2602 days ago

"hhhhiiiiiiiii i love reading, mountin biking,drawing and playing with my older brother.Not exactly a typical girl I know.What were your favourite hobbies when you were little and what are they now?"

Diane Lee: My hobbies when I was little were riding my bike, playing cowboys and indians with my friends, Ieven got a Tee Pee for christmas and a indian squaw outfit, I liked to bake, sew,knit and read and hide from my little brother.

Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather
Aidan, the Striking Fire Breather, Age: 5, Slough - 2602 days ago

"Hi diane.My name is Shivom and I am 5 years old.I am finished with my summer reading challenge.My favourite book is Colour me happy, by Shen Roddie.I LOVE THE SUMMER READING CHALLENGE.And the stickers smell really nice apart from the last one,the rabbit poo one."

Diane Lee: Hi Shivom well done. We read some good books this summer to the children at our storytimes and craft sessions, here are a few you might like to try, Princess Rani by Penny Dolan, The Talent Show by Jo Hodgkinson, Joey the Juggler and Giraffes Can't Dance (our copy is pop-up and fun to read).

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2602 days ago

"Your photo isn´t clear,but it´s funny......HAHA.........I like horrid henry joke books,scary books,spongebob comic books and other joke books."

Diane Lee: It's just as well it's not clear cause then it would be scary. You should try the Just William books, he gets into as much trouble as Horrid Henry. I could act a part in Sponge Bob as both my children love the cartoon, we made a Sponge Bob figure with one of our summer schemes who came to the library. We used half a large car sponge and Mary, one of the staff here, drew his eyes, nose, mouth etc to stick on the sponge it was brill and the kids loved it.

Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner
Allison, the Alluring Fire Spinner, Age: 10, slough - 2604 days ago

"Your picture is not clear!!! But it is funny!!!!!!!!!!!"

Diane Lee: You have a good sense of humour. What type of books do you like? We had a visit from the performance poet Paul Cookson o few yaers back and he was brilliant the children invited to see him were in fits of laughter and so were the adults, you should try some of his poems.

Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master
Aveline, the Wacky Puppet Master, Age: 10, Birmingham - 2604 days ago

"Have you entered in the circus stars when you was littler. Do you know a lot about challenge3s. Have you ever entered one?"

Diane Lee: When i was younger there wasn't anything like Circus Stars or summer reading challenges so i wasn't able to join one. i did volunteer for a long time as a youth leader and that was a challenge.

Benno, the Magnificent Unicyclist
Benno, the Magnificent Unicyclist, Age: 5, Cambridge - 2604 days ago


Diane Lee: Hi there how did you get on with the reading challenge? did you try any new authors or read any interesting books you would like to tell us about?

Olive, the Captivating Power Tumbler
Olive, the Captivating Power Tumbler, Age: 9, London - 2604 days ago

"hello, you look funny ;) and I just wanted to say that I have now finished the challenge and I cannot wait to get my medal!!!!!!"

Diane Lee: I know isn't it great being able to be silly and in this outfit no one will know me, what you think I go out looking like this? when you get your well deserved medal take it in to show your teacher, he or she will be impressed that you have been exercising your brain over the holidays and having fun too.

Rachel, the Spectacular Highwire Walker
Rachel, the Spectacular Highwire Walker, Age: 6, Maidenhead - 2604 days ago

"you look silly"

Diane Lee: I know isn't it great no one knows what I really look like. I like dressing up at Halloween for our story and craft session in Grove the more horrible the better.

Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist
Katherine, the Fearless Ventriloquist, Age: 9, Dorset - 2604 days ago


Diane Lee: Hello to you. Have you finished your reading challenge?

Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster
Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster, Age: 9, Tombridge Wells - 2604 days ago

"Hiya!!! I finished my six books, but I'm still reading, I think Summer is the perfect time to read. I love your Glasses!!! Very Jazzy!!!!"

Diane Lee: Great to hear you really enjoy reading, hope you read a mix of fact and fiction as all tha exercise will get your brain ready for all the new things you are going to learn in school this year

Mila, the Absorb Buffoon
Mila, the Absorb Buffoon, Age: 9, england - 2604 days ago

"this is a good book"

Diane Lee: Do you mean Angel Cake? If so yes it is have you any other books you enjoy?

Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster
Mackenzie, the Stupendous Hoopster, Age: 9, Tombridge Wells - 2604 days ago

"WOW!!!! Me too, I love Angle Cake!!! It's touching and funny and the characters all have something magic about them, especially Dan!!!"

Diane Lee: Who else do you like to read?

Aveline, the Startling Poi Spinner
Aveline, the Startling Poi Spinner, Age: 10, united kingdom - 2605 days ago

"i luv reading wot is your fave book mine is Lucky Star by Cathy Cassidy"

Diane Lee: Sorry to be boring but the books I would re read are all the Harry Potter books. They sort of remind me of the Enchanted Tree books by Enid Blyton that I used to read when I was younger, I like the idea of a magical world.

Chloe, the Terrible Chinese Yo-yoer
Chloe, the Terrible Chinese Yo-yoer, Age: 11, brighton - 2605 days ago

"hi i'm chloe and i read 10 books a day"

Diane Lee: Goodness where do you get the time? Iwish I could read more books every day. Did you know that some silly people think because Iwork in a Library that I'm allowed to read books all day, I don't think my bosses would be pleased if they thought that was all I was doing.

Aveline, the Odd Balancer
Aveline, the Odd Balancer, Age: 11, brighton - 2605 days ago

"hi i'm charley and i have read so many books"

Diane Lee: Great, do you try different authors and types of books? I like reading a mixture of books and don't just stick with the same authors. Have you tried any new authors that you really liked?

Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster
Mia, the Ridiculous Aerial Hoopster, Age: 9, wales - 2605 days ago

"hi i am MIA do you like Enid blyton,Jacqueline Wilson or Roald dhal i do i am scared of heights to."

Diane Lee: Hi Mia i loved Enid Blyton when i was younger especially the Mystery series and Malory Towers. I haven't read Jacqueline Wilson but my daughter has and she really enjoyed them. I like Dirty Beasts and Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl and like to read them to classes when they visit the library. You might enjoy Cathy Cassidy and I really like the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson booksalthough they might be to old for you, but there is a series called the 39 steps which you need to start at part one, and he has written some of them.